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Wide range of tulip bulbs for colourful gardens in the UK

At BULBi, our diverse assortment of tulip bulbs caters to a wide spectrum of preferences, including single-flowered, double-flowered, fringed, parrot, and botanical tulips, all meticulously curated to thrive in the UK’s climate. Whether you’re an adept gardener or a novice, we have the ideal tulip bulbs for your needs, ensuring your garden will burst with vibrant hues come springtime.

Our selection of tulip bulbs is a product of our long-standing partnership with select Dutch growers, known for their expertise. We offer a variety of tulip bulb cultivars, encompassing classic varieties, as well as exclusive and innovative choices, thoughtfully packaged for various gardening settings—be it gardens, borders, window boxes, containers, or pots.

Ordering your tulip bulbs from the comfort of your UK home is a breeze, and we back your purchase with a 100% flower guarantee. For those seeking larger quantities, we encourage you to explore Green Garden Flowerbulbs, our dedicated wholesale subsidiary.

Our user-friendly online ordering system and swift delivery service ensure hassle-free receipt of your tulip bulbs anywhere in the UK, allowing you to relish the beauty of these blossoms from early spring onward. When placing your order online, you can conveniently select your preferred delivery week, perfectly timed for planting. You’ll also have the option to filter your choices by category, color, group, and flowering period for a well-organized overview. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email notification. Before dispatching, our bulbs are meticulously inspected, ensuring they are fresh and of top-notch quality.

Tulip Varieties Explained

Single Early Tulips: Recognizable for their classic tulip shape, these early bloomers boast shorter, robust stems, making them wind-resistant. Perfect for containers, borders, and flower beds.

Single Late Tulips: Late in spring, you can still enjoy the classic tulip shape in various colors. Single late tulips have sturdy, long stems, ideal for cut flower arrangements.

Triumph Tulips: Sporting large cone-shaped flowers that transform into an oval shape upon opening, triumph tulips add vibrancy to any garden. Their strong stems make them suitable for both garden and floral arrangements.

Botanical Tulips: These diminutive tulips stay low with small flowers, making them distinct from their larger counterparts. They’re ideal for perennial flowering and naturalization, fitting well along borders or in pots.

Darwin-Hybrid Tulips: Known for their single-flowered, sturdy, and tall stems, these tulips feature large calyx-shaped flowers and bloom in mid-season. Many varieties can return in the following year under the right conditions.

Double Early Tulips (Peony Tulips): These early bloomers, known for their beautifully filled flowers, are best suited for the front of borders or pots due to their slightly shorter stems.

Double Late Tulips (Peony Tulips): With their well-filled flowers and long stems, these tulips serve as stunning focal points in your garden.

Fosteriana Tulips: Distinguished by their grey-green leaves, Fosteriana tulips offer a lovely contrast to their vibrant, large flowers. They tend to vary in height and can flourish as perennials.

Fringed Tulips: Identified by their charmingly jagged-edged flowers, often in contrasting colors, these tulips bloom in mid to late season and are perfect for cutting.

Double Fringed Tulips: The double fringed tulips, boasting double flowers with intricate jagged edges, add a striking touch to any garden and have an extended flowering period.

Parrot Tulips: These tulips are characterized by their fringed and twisted petals, creating a truly unique and captivating appearance. Blooming in late April to early May, they fully open their petals when basking in the sunlight. A standout favorite in this category is the black parrot tulip, and an interesting note is that most parrot tulips feature a hint of green in their petals.