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Tools every handy man needs

Every handy man has a garage with a lot of tools that he probably will never use, but wants to have. Every wife of a handy man recognizes the urge to buy new screws, handy gadgets and tools. But what are tools every handy man needs? Read on to find out!

Hitachi hoist

Every man with a garage and a love for tinkering with cars or working with heavy materials needs a Hitachi hoist. This is an electric chain hoist that can lift everything and make your job a lot easier. Every handy man needs an electric chain hoist!

saw table

A table saw is a must for everyone. A saw table allows easy, fast and precise sawing. The disadvantage of a saw table is that you cannot easily take it with you, but you have other tools for that. A saw table in the workshop is a real must for every handy man.

A workshop

A workshop is a place where a handy man can go about his business. A place where all tools have their own place and there is enough space for all projects. A real handy man will dream of a good workshop. This workshop definitely needs a work table and good lighting. Also enough space for all tools and as clear as possible.


A jigsaw is also a tool that a man really needs. This tool comes in handy so often that it should not be missing from this blog. You can saw beams with a jigsaw, but you can also saw shapes.

battery screwdriver

You can get far with a screwdriver, but a cordless screw, preferably with a drill combination is a tool that every man and woman should have at home. You can easily drill a hole and tighten or loosen a screw with a battery screw.

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