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Where can you buy good mailboxes?

Maybe you thought that mailboxes were not necessary anymore. Most mail is sent by email nowadays. But mailboxes are still necessary cause we still sent letters, and we still receive invoices. Beside of that we also receive newspapers and magazines in our mailbox.

A lot reading stuff have been replaced by email. We read newspapers online and even books. But we cant leave the real newspaper. We love to read the paper work with a good coffee beside us in the morning. So mailboxes were still needed.

If you were looking for a mailbox the question is: where to find it?

For sure you can find them in some of your local shops. Look for shops who sell stuff for garden or steel materials. Also there are many options for buying something online.

One of our favourites is Your Mailbox. Its a dutch store with a huge range of mailboxes. They call them brievenbussen. They sell the Engelse brievenbus, which is based on the uk style, they sell an Irish green one. They sell the real American mailboxes with red flag. And a lot mailboxes for wall mounting in steel and stainless steel.

One of our favourites is the Bobi brand. The Bobi brand is not coming from the Netherlands. Its from Finland. And these mailboxes have the real Scandanavian style. They are very strong and big and for that reason you can you lots of post or can stay away for a holiday for a very long time and no one will find out you are not at home. There were also some English shops selling these letter boxes. We think its is the Mercedes from all the letterboxes. And also the style is pretty. If you are looking for a special color you also need to check these. They are available in red, green, blue, black, white, grey and even brown. Also you can order one from stainless steel or if you want something special: from copper.