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Travelers can get closer to Catalan cuisine and wines by participating in workshops that can help them learn more about the foods and even let them be chefs for a day. What foods do you like in Barcelona the most? Beyond the restaurants, visitors can experience gastronomy firsthand through workshops that can help them get to know Catalan foods and wines better, and even let them be chefs for a day. What do you like eating in Barcelona the most? In Ciutat Vella, the Paella Club teaches you how to make an authentic paella, including teaching you how to cook the rice properly. The club also shows you how to make good bread with tomato spread, and even teaches you how to make a good drink cocktail. After learning these things, you can go home knowing how to prepare the dish, as if you were living in the city. bcnKitchen offers workshops and private tastings conducted by a professional chef in the Born neighborhood. Different types of rice dishes, noodles, and creative cuisine are some of the most popular offerings there, and after a full 2 hours of learning everything, you get to eat everything up. If healthy, market-fresh cuisine is more your thing, La Patente in the Eixample offers courses. Barcelona has two breweries that you can visit, and on the many outdoor terraces, rooftops, and beaches, people are seen drinking beer. With Barcelona Cooking Classes, participants get a guided tour where they can purchase fresh, seasonal produce, and then cook meals with the ingredients. Near Sant Antoni Market, the Fábrica Moritz offers a guided tour and tasting session. If you have children or love chocolate, you should check out the Museu de la Xocolata in the Born neighborhood. This museum takes you through the beginnings of chocolate, making it impossible to miss. Another factory, Antigua Fábrica Damm, is near Hospital de Sant Pau and offers guided tours and tastings. At the fish market in Barcelona, fresh fish is auctioned daily. On the guided tour The Fishermen of Barceloneta, you can find out how the market works and what it is like, and sample some of the chocolate made there. Besides workshops focusing on pairing chocolate with beers and wines, adults can also take part in other workshops at the chocolate festival, such as  how to make different types of chocolates. Cap a Mar is also home to activities related to the fishing and port. For example, little ones can learn how to make fish crafts, and adults can become fishermen for a day. Alternatively, those who would rather stay grounded can enjoy the From the Land to the Plate experience at Solc restaurant in Hotel Majestic. This event takes participants to the Maresme orchard, where most of the ingredients for the dishes are obtained and where they also visit Alta Alella winery, where they make a special wine for the restaurant. There are tours that combine food and tourism into one experience. If you are wearing good walking shoes, as the streets of Barcelona require, you can take the Gastronomy and Wine in Barcelona tour. Not only will you learn about the history of the city as you wander through the Gothic quarter, you will also get to taste wine and tapas in different locations. At the Palau de la Balmesiana, opera lovers can experience a multi-faceted evening of architecture, food, and music. Participants are guided through the building and sample dishes that are inspired by different operas, all while being serenaded by professional singers singing various arias. Barcelona has many beaches and water activities to enjoy. For a more relaxed experience, head out on the water for a 2-hour trip along the Barcelona coast, or have an appetizer on a yacht that includes snacks, fruit, and a drink.


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