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The installation of a bioclimatic pergola to take advantage of its outdoor space

The Bioclimatic Pergola is an innovative solution that can help you to enjoy your time outdoors. What could be better than having a holiday at home where you are enjoying a snack out in the open and are protected from the burning heat of the sun. Similarly, you can even sit outdoors in winters if you have installed a bioclimatic pergola at your property. An aluminum pergola is an architectural structure that can help you to protect your outdoor spaces and expand them. There are several advantages of installing a bioclimatic aluminum pergola, some of them are as follows.

Solar Protection

The aluminum pergolas are made of adjustable aluminum slats. You can keep the slats open in winters to feel the warmth of the sun on a sunny day and close them in summers to remain protected from the burning heat of the sun. Hence it would allow you to maximize your outdoor living experience.

Rain Protection

The adjustable slats/blades of the bioclimatic aluminum pergola also allow you to remain protected from the rain. As soon as the rain starts, you can close the blades and still sit outside and prevent rainwater from entering the premises. Some pergolas even come with sensors that help them to close automatically saving your time and effort.


With so many options in shapes, designs, and colors you can personalize your pergola all according to the existing architecture of your real estate. You can also add led lights, wind-resistant blinds, and sensors to improve your outdoor experience.

Reduced Maintenance

Unlike its other counterparts that allow for outdoor protection, aluminum pergolas require very low maintenance. The maintenance ritual is very simple and does not require extensive time and effort. It is preferred that you clean your pergola only twice per year.

Energy Efficiency

Pergolas are an effective way to reduce the amount of energy that you consume and reduce your carbon footprint. When compared to other alternatives, pergolas use little to no energy and are more effective in maintaining temperatures.

People often do not understand the difference between a pergola and a bioclimatic pergola. While a simple pergola is only relevant to a particular season, a bioclimatic pergola can function in any season. Therefore, bioclimatic pergolas are always better when compared to conventional pergolas. A popular alternative to the bioclimatic pergola is a greenhouse. Both are an effective solution for outdoor living as they can work all year round irrespective of the season and are easy to maintain. However, a bioclimatic pergola is easy to configure and requires less cost to set up. Additionally, the pergolas last longer when compared to a greenhouse.

All in all, pergolas not only improve your living comfort by adding more operational living space but also add aesthetic value to your estate and help with thermal protection. If you are thinking of making your outdoor space or garden functional, a bioclimatic pergola is a way to go about it.