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Take the scrum of your business to the next level


Nowadays more and more notes are stored digitally. Do you still record certain ideas offline? Then chances are that you are using sticky notes that you lose or throw away. Fortunately, there is a solution for this. We know a way to efficiently conduct meetings and brainstorming sessions that will benefit your business.

What do you need?

Thinking outside the box, it’s a concept we all know. But how do you stimulate this? Or how do you make sure that savings can be made more efficiently? With the tools of PATboard you make your project visual and improve visibility. In this way, you can easily gain insight into the overview of tasks, so that participants become more inspired and come up with more ideas, and your team performs better.

What tools are there?

Through PATboard you can buy various tools that make business ideas visual. For example, there are several project boards available that you can hang up in your office. The project boards are available in different sizes and are made of various materials. For example, you can choose from a glass board, but it is also possible to go for a traditional whiteboard.

On a glassboard you can hang nanocups. These innovative suction cups are perfect for smooth objects, such as a glass board. The nanocups are durable and you can easily express your ideas.

PATboard has developed magnetic sticky notes for whiteboards. These can easily be hung on the whiteboard. The magnetic cards can be reused after every meeting because you can easily clean them with water. So you can stop wasting paper by throwing sticky notes away after every use.

Working method

Experience shows that the physical board gives a team a sense of performance. Every time a task can be moved from the ”To do” column to the ”Done” column, this gives a satisfied feeling. After a task is completed, your team can immediately see what needs to be done next. This way you work as efficiently as possible.

Want to know more about these tools?

Want to know more about PATboard? Then take a look at the website of the company and discover the many possibilities.