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Up to 28 per cent of adults in the UK report problems with their knees and similar rates can be found in other parts of the world. Knee pain can lead to lost workdays and missing out on the fun events in your life, due to the pain or immobility.

The causes of knee pain are varied and include arthritis and joint diseases. It can also be caused by an injury, such as a torn ligament or a strained tendon. Repetitive-use injuries are another cause and occur due to sports or the physical requirements of a job.


How to Know You Need Knee Support

Pain is likely the top indicator that you might need some kind of knee support. This pain can be mild or it can be severe enough to interfere with your daily activities. Not only can this get in the way of your day to day tasks, but it could be you’re sidelined during events you love and look forward to.


How to Support Your Knees

Over the counter painkillers, including pills and creams, are a good solution for an isolated incidence of knee pain. However, if your knee problems are more severe, such as that which appears due to arthritis, you’re going to need a long term solution.

The right knee support option for you depends on your needs so it’s a good idea to assess your goal of using a knee support device. With three levels of support and several different sizes, the knee braces from Podobrace can help you get back to your normal routine.

Each of them will help mobilise your knee so you can walk and move about while minimising pain and discomfort. They also offer support for sitting and standing, lifting and driving.

Your knee brace can be used in conjunction with your other methods of treating knee problems.

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