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Solids Solutions research and courses

Are you looking for a specialist in the field of particles and powder technology? Then Solids Solutions in Delft is the right place for you. We conduct research into the properties of powders and solids that form the basis for the development of various products. We work for a wide range of industries. If you get stuck in the development process, we investigate where the problem lies. Would you like to increase your knowledge in this area yourself? Then you can follow various courses and seminars through our academy.

Calculate BET surface area by gas adsorption

Determining the surface area of a solid is not easy. By means of gas adsorption the surface area of a solid (porous) substance can be calculated. In most cases nitrogen is used for this, but depending on the material another gas may be preferred. Think of argon adsorption for activated carbon. By means of a BET analysis the BET surface area is determined very accurately. In our laboratory, various methods and instruments are used to perform the calculations as accurately as possible, for very reliable results.

Perform particle size analysis

In the case of powder substances, the size of the different particles is of great importance. The size of the granules influences the action and properties of the powder. For example, an incorrect size can cause the powders to segregate. That is why we at Solids Solutions carry out a particle size analysis. This makes it possible to determine where the problem lies so that a solution can be offered. We can also analyse the size of droplets. This is important for the operation and application of different types of sprays. Would you like to know how we can help you with the development of your product? Feel free to contact us.

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