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Everything About Heated Jacket

As temperatures drop and winter approaches, most of us yearn for coziness and warmth. In such moments, A Heated Jacket can become a true lifesaver. These modern garments combine style, comfort, and functionality to keep us warm even in the coldest months. In this blog post, we will learn everything about Heated Jackets, how they work and about their versatile applications.

How does a heated jacket work?

These Jackets are equipped with thin heating elements integrated into the fabric of the vest. These heating elements are powered by a power bank and generate heat that is evenly distributed throughout the jacket. The jackets come with various heat settings that allow the wearer to adjust the level of warmth to their liking.

Different types of jackets

There are various types of Heated Jackets that differ in their design and intended use:

Outdoor Jackets: These are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or fishing. These jackets provide additional protection and insulation against the elements.

Work Jackets: These Jackets are designed for people who work outdoors, such as construction workers, road workers.

The benefits of these Jackets

On-demand warmth: A Heated Jacket allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking. They are ideal for people who get cold quickly in cold weather or for those who work outdoors.

Comfort and freedom of movement: A Heated Jacket is lightweight and flexible, making them extremely comfortable. They do not hinder your movements and allow you to move freely.

Energy-efficient: Modern Heated Jackets are typically very energy-efficient and can provide hours of heat without needing to recharge the battery.

Versatile: You can wear A Heated Jacket in various situations, whether it’s skiing, hiking, working outdoors, or simply taking a walk on cold days during the winter.


Maintenance and care

These jackets require some special care to extend their lifespan:

Battery maintenance: Make sure to regularly charge the batteries and ensure they are not overcharged or empty when stored. Always use the provided chargers and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning: Check the manufacturer’s care instructions before cleaning. Generally, the jackets can be cleaned in the washing machine, but you should remove the batteries beforehand and select your washing program carefully.

Storage: Store the jacket in a cool, dry place and remove the batteries if you won’t be using the jacket  for an extended period. Also keep the batteries in optimal condition by following the care instructions.


The Heated Jackets from BERTSCHAT® are a fantastic addition for anyone looking to stay warm in winter without sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement. With their versatile applications and numerous benefits, they are a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor workers, or simply those who want to fully enjoy winter without being cold. So, the next time you find yourself shivering in the cold, remember that there’s a Heated Jacket that can provide you with the cozy warmth you need.