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E1 Investments Berlin

A superficial glance at the supra-regional news situation seems to suggest that when looking for real estate, one should rather avoid Berlin at present. Somehow – so the diffuse picture conveyed – real estate in Berlin is hopelessly overpriced, investors not welcome and politics unpredictable. A distorted perception that has little to do with reality! At the heart of the discussion, almost everything revolves around the increases in rents and purchase prices in recent years, which at almost ten percent were actually above average. But the increase has been from a very low level. Compared to other metropolises such as Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main or Munich, real estate in Berlin was extremely cheap. The sharp price rises of the recent past have therefore only led to an extensive alignment of the level with the other A-metropolises – with the exception of Munich, where property prices are still significantly higher. Real estate investments in Berlin therefore continue to promise above-average returns.

We are your Immobilienmakler Berlin

Our offer is aimed at private and commercial investors. As a broker with many years of experience, our branch office in Berlin will support you both in construction projects and in the acquisition of existing properties. In doing so, we develop a long-term investment strategy together with you and broker the properties that fit this strategy. This is exactly what distinguishes our work as investment brokers from the services of the numerous real estate agents in Berlin, whose services are primarily aimed at private prospective tenants or buyers. As an investor, you should immediately contact real estate professionals who are very familiar with the technical, tax and legal peculiarities of the investment business. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

No longer an insider tip: Immobilien Berlin!

Admittedly, when we recommend real estate in Berlin as an investment, it is no longer an original insider tip. It is rare that almost all expert forecasts come to the same conclusion as this one: Real estate in Berlin will continue to experience significant increases in value in the coming years. Both for commercial real estate and for living space, a significant increase in demand is predicted, which cannot be covered by the existing supply. Actually, a glance at London, Paris or one of the other major cities that have been the capital of their respective countries for a long time is enough to confirm this. There is simply no such thing as the capital of a major economic nation where the demand for real estate has suddenly collapsed. This is not conceivable in Berlin either.

High returns through off market real estate

Many properties in Berlin are not offered on the open market. For commercial real estate, a discreet sale is widespread anyway in order to protect business secrets as long as possible. Owners of individual residential properties or larger housing estates are currently not interested in making sales considerations public too early and thus getting caught up in the heated discussion. As a real estate agent with many years of experience, we have earned trust in the Berlin real estate market, which is why we are often commissioned to discreetly broker such off-market properties. We can therefore often find you suitable properties that are apparently not available on the market. Off market real estate also offers good chances for returns, as the discreet sale guarantees that the purchase price is not artificially inflated by speculation.

Our complete service as a real estate agent in Berlin

Although our service as an investment broker differs significantly from the usual private real estate business, there are still some tasks to be performed here and there. Viewing appointments have to be arranged and carried out, a well-founded valuation has to be made, price negotiations have to be conducted and annoying formalities such as notary appointments and land registry entries also have to be taken care of. Of course, our work as real estate professionals in Berlin also includes all these services. The best thing is to contact us today. We will gladly explain to you what we can do for you!