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Best Places to visit in Gujarat via road trip

Your road journeys through Gujarat will undoubtedly take you to several well-known locations, such as the burgeoning towns of Ahmedabad and Surat. You’ll even visit the legendary Rann of Kutch to get a taste of desert sand like you’ve never had before. You also want to go to Dwarka for a spiritual vacation, Diu for some beach time, Laxmi Vilas Palace for architectural marvels, Vadodara for exquisite heritage, and Bhuj for rustic simplicity. Yet what about places that aren’t on this list but are nevertheless wonderful in every way? Would you go back to Gujarat without seeing out these hidden gems? Certainly not! So, while you’re travelling this lovely State with mumbai travel agency, take a peek at these hidden gems and try to visit them all.



Lothal, a key portion of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation, is one of the uncommon sights to see in Gujarat. Whether you’re a history buff or not, these ruins will pique your interest. And, to add to the enchantment, there is a museum in this location where you can see all of the ancient utensils, important stones, civilisation remains, and much more, all of which have been carefully curated to expand your knowledge. It’s a unique location that hasn’t received much attention but is well worth a visit.


If you actually want to experience Gujarat’s traditional way of life, go to Anand.It’s a fantastic destination that still has an old-world beauty to it, and you can learn a lot about the state’s historical legacy while you’re there. Furthermore, there is a temple called Swamy Narayan Mandir where you can worship while enjoying a unique and refreshing excursion at this location.

Mandvi Beach

It’s not one of the most well-known, but it’s undoubtedly one of Gujarat’s most popular attractions. Because it is completely concealed from the tourist crowd, you will enjoy tranquilly and calmness on this beach. The calm atmosphere and clear sea make it even more appealing, and the clean sand is surely something to admire when visiting this unusual Gujarat beach.


Have you heard of Gujarat’s Sun Temple? Yes, most absolutely! It’s a tourist destination and religious site in Gujarat where an important festival is celebrated each year, and during the festival, you may observe the true and authentic folk dance of the region performed at this temple. However, did you know that the sun temple is located near the village of Modhera? We have our doubts. This is a village that is home to several great temples and heritage sites, but it is rarely mentioned. And that’s not all; in this primitive village, you’ll also find a really nice and tranquil beach, which adds to the small village’s appeal.


To reach Bhavnagar, rent a car in Gujarat and travel to the Saurashtra Region. It’s a little town with a strong sense of tradition and is steeped in regional culture and custom. If you want to buy the state’s famous cotton or sample the local cuisine, Bhavnagar is the place to go. The Gulf of Khumbat, which is located in this town, should also be on your list of things to do while you’re here.


We’re sure you’ve seen a number of heritage monuments in Gujarat dedicated to the Rajput monarchs. But have you ever heard of Wankaner or seen him? It’s a lovely little town with the Macchu River running through it on one side and a plethora of historic buildings and palaces. Some of these have also been proudly converted into 5-star hotels where you can enjoy royal lifestyle and hospitality. However, many people are unaware of this location, which is why it continues to be a hidden jewel in Gujarat’s womb that you should absolutely explore on your next Tour Packages to Gujarat.


When we discuss about secret spots in Gujarat, we don’t forget about our adventure-loving readers. Girnar is one of those places that has some attractive hills and unique scenery nearby that will entice you to explore them right away. Climb the hills or take a trip through the meadows and valleys nearby. So, if you’re seeking for the ideal adventure trip, Girnar is the place to go.


With a self-drive car hire in Gujarat, getting to Himmatnagar is a breeze. The only issue is that hardly everyone is aware of this wonderful location.Despite its tiny size, the area is rich in architectural legacy, as evidenced by the large Jain temples that dot the landscape. Furthermore, the natural beauty of this town is simply breathtaking, and you’ll be impressed by the people’s basic and rustic way of life.

These places are absolutely amazing in their own right, and they’re bound to wow you as well. But, to name a few, go to Palanpur, an art lover’s paradise, Pirotan Island, where you can see and photograph some amazing birds, Lakhota Fort, which is located in the centre of a lake, and Sidi Saiyed Mosque, where you may marvel at the exquisite latticework and architecture.