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3 things to consider when shipping from Germany to Netherlands

If you think of logistic hotspots in Europe, what country comes to mind? Did you think of Germany? That makes sense, as logistics and transportation is the third largest industry. But did you consider the Netherlands? Despite the geographic size, the Netherlands are one of the most important players in this industry.

Only natural, that many people need shipping Germany to Netherlands. But how does this work exactly? What do you need to keep in mind? Don’t you worry! Below you will find the most important information.

Shipping goods across the national border

Being a member state of the European Union has its benefits. What does this mean for your shipment? When crossing the German-Dutch border, or any other border within the EU, you do not have to worry about customs duties. Great!

Generally, you can ship nearly every product to the Netherlands. However, there are some exceptions and it does not hurt to check beforehand, if your shipment is affected by restrictions. Here are some examples:

– Restricted goods:
• Fur/leather coats and shoes made out of protected animals
• Electrical appliances
• Medicines that require a physician’s prescription – otherwise prohibited
• Alcohol, Tabaco
• Firearms, ammunition and weapons
• Antiques

– Prohibited goods:
• Narcotics and illegal goods of any kind
• CB radios
• All species of cactus and orchids

Type of transport

The next step is the decision of the right type of transportation for your good. There are lots of options to choose from, yet, the two most common ones are via pallets and parcel shipping. Depending on factors like product type, size, weight, value, needed conditions (and so on), one can be more appropriate than the other. For instance, using pallets is safer, but also more expensive.

No matter what shipping method you prefer, make sure your freight is safely packed and prepared for the transportation beforehand, so it will not get damaged during the transit.

Selecting the right carrier

You are shipping to the Netherlands for the first time or generally feeling unsecure about international shipments? Do not worry! This is, what you need to do.

First thing’s first: do your research! Nowadays you have a large pool of carriers you can choose from. Besides the most common service provider like DHL or Eurosender, there are also smaller transportation companies, specialized on one specific transportation solution. So, take your time and compare them to each other. Here are some tips on how to select the right carrier. 

–          Check the prices of as many carriers as possible! In this way you will be able to evaluate the shipping costs better. Maybe you realize that your preferred carrier is too expensive, or another freight forwarder offers additional services for the same price.

–          Does the carrier ship to the Netherlands regularly? Yes? Then the transport company most likely knows, what aspects need to be considered when shipping to the Netherlands and you can benefit from their experience.

Are you afraid of language barriers? Or miscommunications? Then you should consider a third party to handle your logistical needs. Sometimes letting another company organize your transportation is just more convenient.

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