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What Screens Are Suitable For Social Distancing?

When it comes to office design, acoustic office screens have been a popular choice. Acoustic foam helps to reduce noise and divides open spaces into smaller, manageable areas for the team. It appears the tables have turned, and a new contestant has taken over. However, it’s less of a design trend and more of a necessity but acoustic partitions are taking a back seat… for now.

Social distancing has been introduced as we manage and continue to fight COVID-19. The guideline suggests we keep a minimum of 2m way from others to reduce the spread. And in order to comfortably welcome back staff members, it’s pivotal that changes are made to create a safe working environment.

Offices are being restructured, spaces are being created and changes are being made. Office screens and desktop divider demand has soared and continues to rise as employers form suitable spaces. But what screening options do you have, and which are suitable for social distancing?

Acrylic Dividers

Acrylic screening has by far become the most sought after social distancing solution. It’s easy to see why, as the clear acrylic provides full visibility all whilst being protected from others. Whereas the frosted Perspex adds privacy with the ability to let natural light shine through. Both options will support you through social distancing, as well as adding a modern twist to your office design.

Anti-bacterial Screens

Anti-bacterial screens are upholstered with treated anti-bacterial fabric, which has been tested, sanitised and approved when it comes to preventing the growth of germs and bacteria. A screen with such feature would be beneficial in medical offices or clinical environments. Anti-bacterial fabric can also be cleaned, so you can still easily wipe the clean for additional protection.

Laminate Screens

Laminate office screens are available in many forms, such as, portable screens, desktop screens and freestanding office partitions. The REACH compliant white gloss finish has been designed to accept white board pens but can also be wiped cleaned. With a high quality material, you’ll be able to clean your screens with bleach based solutions, for a cleaner more sterile screening selection.