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We clean your anilox rollers

fast • gentle • all sizes

Your anilox rollers are cleaned quickly and easily at your site. The mobile cleaning system is driven directly to your inking units and aligned parallel to the anilox roller with a crossbar. Dismantled anilox rollers can also be cleaned in your factory on a special trolley.

The cleaning is carried out under high pressure with sodium bicarbonate powder. This is one hard enough is under high pressure the raster walze very thoroughly to clean. On the other hand, the powder is so gentle on the roller that the ceramic or chrome surface is not attacked or damaged.

After carefully aligning the cleaning head, your anilox roller is cleaned quickly, relatively quietly and dust-free! The powder is sucked off directly during high-pressure blasting and can then be disposed of in an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly manner.

The cleaning results can you want to inspect a microscope direct to the laptop. You will receive a corresponding protocol with a photo of the cell in 200x magnification.

Anilox Cleaning has developed a cleaning system with which the volume of anilox rollers can be systematically maintained. Important pillars for the success of this system are: excellent price-performance ratio, optimal user comfort, safety for people, the environment and materials and finally systematic and regular support from specialists in the field of flexography.
The Totall Anilox Cleaning Concept cleaning system of the Pulse consists of three elements:

  • Cleaning products for daily cleaning
  • Cleaning cloth for regular cleaning
  • Laser service for deep cleaning

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