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Use the best company for car import from the USA

Whether you’re moving from the USA or just want to buy an American car, the process of getting the paperwork in order for vehicle import can be lengthy and complex. The various phases and documents that must be completed for a successful transfer of your vehicle from the USA to Europe or the UK are best handled by an expert. The personnel at Marlog Car Handling is excellently suited to this task. With extensive field experience and many business connections in international transport they will expedite your car import from the USA quite effectively.

When importing a car, what needs to be done?

What do you need to get arranged to ensure a successful car import from the USA? Naturally, payment of the vehicle is priority number one. Should you require intermediation in this process, Marlog Car Handling can help you quite effectively. Having had private collectors, gearheads and business partners as clients means there’s no situation they haven’t seen. Furthermore, the logistics and transport of the vehicle are without a doubt the most essential steps to prepare. Arranging the shipping the vehicle to Europe or the UK can be hard to accomplish yourself. Instead you can rely on the extensive network of Marlog Car Handling to make use of one of their weekly shipments. This ensures you can benefit from a cheaper and quicker car import from the USA.

Service, made flexible for you

If you’d like to exercise more control over the import process, feel free to mention so to the experts at Marlog Car Handling. They will leave the parts of the import in which you would like to be fully involved over to you. After all, there are times you might want to know what is exactly going on, while at other times you’d be happy to trust in the expertise of Marlog Car Handling. Their years of experience ensure the import of your car from the USA is in safe hands at all times. So what are you waiting for? Contact these specialists today!

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