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Underfloor Heating Aberdeen

Although most homeowners in Aberdeen still use a central heating, underfloor heating is more and more being applied to new construction projects. This is because underfloor heating does not only come wih higher returns, but also with many other benefits such as a more even heat distribution. Are you looking for a professional who can build or install your underfloor heating? Do you have a question about the price of an electrically operated underfloor heating? Please fill in the contact form today and ask for free quotes of heating specialists in Aberdeen.

Underfloor Heating Aberdeen

24/7 repair and breakdown service

It happens regularly that a heating system breaks down. There are several reasons for this, such as incorrect installation, or a problem with refilling the water supply. Whatever the cause, it is important to contact a heating engineer from Aberdeen as soon as possible in the event of a breakddown via our repair service. Are you looking for regular maintenance? Our repair service is the right choice. We help you solve problems, and can advise you possibly about purchasing a new underfloor heating system under the laminate or hardwood floors. Do you urgently need a craftsman from Aberdeen for a repair? Fill out the web form to ask for a price for the repair or the maintenance.

Screeded Underfloor heating 

When you search for a possible underfloor heating system, you will have several choices to make. One of these choices is about how you want to embed the tubes. If you choose to install the heating pipes, in existing screed you will have no additional mounting height. I is easier is to lay new screed like Prima Rebus which can also be applied to timber joisted floors.

Electric variant

In addition to the choice of the method of compiling, you should also choose the kind of heating that you want to install. For underfloor heating are two possibilities: an electric or a hot water system. Although most people choose a heating based on gas, an electric version is also possible. The advantage of electric underfloor heating is that you don’t have to connect it to the current central heating system. For example, an electric UFH is regularly installed in the bedroom or bathroom.

Suitable for most floors 

Underfloor heating can be placed under most floors. Underfloor Heating Aberdeen can be fitted under laminate, wood, flagstone or even carpets. It does depend on the surface or we can engrave the heating or that the building requires more effort. The possibilities are suitable for the floors of your building in Rotterdam we can often only on the basis of photos or a direct research. Do you want to know what the price is for a floor heating to suit your needs? Please fill in the contact form today and we will help you soon.

Laminate underfloor heating

We regularly receive questions from our customers from Aberdeen to whether it is possible to install underfloor heating under laminate floors. This is certainly an option, but the laminate floor needs to comply to certain specifications. The most important specification is that the laminate should not be connected to standard insulation material. This can block the heat coming through the floor. In addition, the laminate should be suitable for heat conductivity. Do you want to laminate flooring, and are you considering the opportunities for underfloor heating? Ask our specialists to look into the properties of the laminate.

Underfloor heating with a wooden floor

Photography by Photographer Zwolle

For a long time it was thought that it was not possible to combine a wooden floor with underfloor heating. This due to the constant movement of the wood. More recent research has shown that underfloor heating goes extremely well with wooden floors. Thanks to the more even heat distribution, the working of the wood is to a large extent counteracted. However, you have to take into account the humidity indoors. For an optimal result a humidity between the 50-60% is recommended. Finally, the wood species is of importance.

Underfloor heating price

The price for the underfloor heating system is determined by several factors. Generally the price is calculated on the basis of the way you construct the floor. In addition, the price depends on whether you feed the underfloor heating with a conventional (low temperature) central heating boiler or with a heat pump. Do you want to know exactly what it will cost to heat the floors of your home in Aberdeen? Ask for a quotation via the contact form. We are happy to be of service.