Trust the law network and work with top law firms

Do you require legal advice? Then you’ve got the option of falling back on a global network of top law firms. When you have a dispute to be settled, but the law firms in your country don’t have the necessary resources, the law network of LawExchange International is at your command. They can provide you with the best legal advice for your situation. They have an association of independent law firms in the world’s major commercial markets. Curious about their member firms? Then read on! 

Use the services of legal advisors around the world

LawExchange and their law network have a clear goal: to give clients access to trusted local legal counsel across the globe, by providing a comprehensive and seamless web of legal services. This way, you’ve got the opportunity to work with trusted legal advisors worldwide. Founded in 1994, LawExchange International is an association of independent law firms. Within North and South America, Europe, the Asia/Pacific and the Middle East they cover the world’s major commercial centers. With the help of LawExchange, you can rely on a global law network of top law firms. The network selects its member firms carefully, based on a number of factors. These include integrity, professional competence, commitment to exceptional client service and a stellar reputation, to name but a few. The network started in 1994 with 3 European firms, but has grown to 34 firms all over the globe today. Their law network counts with 1733 lawyers, 34 member firms and 5 annual conferences. Some of their member firms are top commercial firms, serving middle-market and entrepreneurial businesses around the world via LawExchange International. 

Partner up  with top law firms from all over the world

Are you a business owner and do you have a difficult case on your hands? You could certainly use a team of lawyers to have your back. The law network of LawExchange can get it your issue solved, as fast as possible. With their global network of member firms, they are here to help with their excellent service and expert advice.