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Top 5 Neck Braces

A neck brace or neck collar offers support to the neck, after a fall or a collision. A neck brace ensures that the area around the neck is supported in the right way. This will relieve the muscles and make sure that pain complaints reduce faster.


  1. In first place comes the SO Cervical Collar – Neck Brace. This renewed neck collar features specially designed high-quality foam that provides optimal support and protection to your neck. This neck brace also has a specially made recess for the chin. This ensures an optimal fit and wearing comfort, which will give the neck and surrounding muscles even more support. This neck brace has the best price / quality ratio and has been used for various neck problems for years. The latest version of this neck collar is made of specially designed high-quality foam. Making sure that the brace isn’t just comfortable, but also offers optimal support and protection. The lining of the brace has been improved with a cotton fabric which ensures that the skin isn’t irritated. This neck collar is perfect for moderately heavy neck disorders.


  1. The Bauerfeind CerviLoc S Neck Brace has protection level 3, this is the highest protection level. This neck collar offers maximum support and protection for moderately heavy to the heaviest complaints. This neck brace is extremely comfortable due to the anatomical shape and because it is finished with soft, breathable material. The Bauerfeind CerviLoc S Neck Brace prevents pain in the cervical vertebrae, stabilizes and relieves tension in the neck and is very pleasant to wear because of the used materials.


  1. The GM Medical Cervical Neck Collar is currently the best choice for all your neck complaints. This neck collar offers the best possible support and is therefore perfect for those who are suffering from the heavier neck complaints and disorders and are looking for the best possible support. The GM Medical Cervical Neck Collar is made of sturdy and very comfortable foam, which provides optimal stability and support to the cervical spine. This neck brace has a Velcro closure and a cotton moisture-wicking cover. This makes this brace one of the most comfortable neck braces out right now.


  1. The Push Med Neck Brace is the absolute heavyweight champion among the neck braces. It is perfect for severe neck problems, such as a hernia, whiplash and joint-wear. This neck collar offers the best support to the spine due to its anatomical shape and the use of rigid foam. The Push Med Neck Brace includes a removable part for additional support. This part rests on the sternum and jaws, creating effective and optimal support for the neck. Of course, the neck brace can also be worn without this reinforcement element, if a lighter support is desired. The Push Med Neck Brace is made of Sympress ™, a high quality and comfortable material, which makes the neck brace feel soft and offers a comfortable and protected feeling.


  1. Although you probably would prefer not to think about it, it might just happen that your child will need a neck brace at some point. The Morsa Kids Neck Brace / Cervical Collar is perfect for children up to 12 years old. This neck collar is available in 1 size and always fits because of the adjustable Velcro closure. This neck brace can be used with all types of neck problems. Think of fractures, bruises and other severe and acute neck injuries. The Morsa Kids Neck Brace / Cervical Collar also has a specially fitted cut-out for the chin, which gives the neck and surrounding muscles even more support and makes it very comfortable to wear.

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