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Top 3 Supplements for Muscle Building

We have put together the 3 best muscle building supplements. This list contains all available legitimate muscle builders. There’s so many on the market, most people are confused about which one to purchase. A lot of formulas that contain different ingredients, but which muscle builders are the best?

1. Laxogenin

This is a compound derived from plants. It is completely safe to use and many supplement companies have it in stock. It is used for building lean muscle and improving strength. Make sure to use Laxogenin supplements in combination with a good workout program and a high protein diet. This will almost certainly guarantee great results. Make sure to buy the Laxogenin from a reputable supplement company, there’s a few out there who might be underdosing the product.
Personally, I would recommend going with Phytodrol by Enhanced Athlete. This has to be the best Laxogenin product available on the market right now. It’s very strong and accurately dosed.

2. Arachidonic Acid

ARA is responsible for inflammation of the muscle tissue. Not a lot of companies stock it because the raw material is hard to get. A famous product that contains Arachidonic Acid is Rage by Animal. It’s really great to help stimulate muscle growth by reducing recovery time. Make sure to take ARA before and after your workout to optimize results.

3. Blue Ox Test Booster

This testosterone booster contains a mix of natural herbs that have been backed up by science. Ingredients such as Ashwagandha are known to help stimulate testosterone which is responsible for muscle growth. By increasing hormone levels, you will also pack on muscle way faster. Often people will combine this test booster with a product like Arachidonic Acid or Laxogenin to get even better results.

Keep in mind that these products are just dietary supplements. If you want to get good results, you will still need to have a good diet and workout program. If you have those in check, you can definitely use them to take your training to the next level.