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This is how you make sim racing more realistic

Nowadays you don’t actually have to be in a car to be able to race. With a sim racing cockpit, you are close to a representation of the real deal. But how can you make sim racing even more realistic? It all comes down to your setup and, of course, the games you’re playing. Continue to read to find out how to improve your racing experience.

High-quality setup
If you would like to experience real-life racing while racing in a simulator your setup is very important. If your setup is professional and of high quality, it will get pretty realistic. Choose a setup with more than just a steering wheel and pedals. For example, integrated gear shifters and handbrakes give you more control over your car in the game. It is also recommended to invest in high quality. Cheap plastic products are often not as responsive as high-quality products. Looking for a professional sim racing simulator? Have a look at Simplace

Realistic driving physics
Another important factor is the game you’re playing. If you’re looking for a realistic racing game you should look into the graphics and realistic driving physics. Combine the game with a decent sim racing cockpit and you’re ready to experience the real deal!

No distractions
Of course, racing in a simulator is different than being on a real circuit. Especially, if you’re playing in your bedroom or living room and you’re surrounded by distractions like dirty dishes, posters, and roommates. Want to have a more realistic experience? Create a space for gaming in a room with fewer distractions. It is also recommended to use wider screens. Don’t forget to install a sound system or use a good set of headphones. Sound is a big part of the whole racing experience.