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The importance of good stability on your paddle board

What affects the stability of a paddle board?
Many people think that you can always benefit from optimal stability when you choose a relatively wide paddle board. As a rule, this also contains some truth. The wider a paddleboard is, the more stable it is on the water. However, the width of a paddleboard only plays a small role in ensuring good stability. For example, the design also plays a role in this, and a very important role is played by the person standing on the paddleboard. Body weight also has an influence on stability. When a small child stands on a big paddle board, it will be considerably more stable than when someone weighing 120 kilos stands on it. Then the thickness of a sup board also has an influence on the stability. In general, the thicker the sup board, the higher the stability.

High stability for better performance
Once you can paddle well, you naturally want to focus on improving your performance. You want to paddle faster and right, for example, and that requires optimal stability. Narrower sup boards are faster than wide sup boards, while wider models are more stable. It has everything to do with your own skills. If you want to get the most out of paddleboarding, you have to tune your inflatable paddle board to your own skills. By the way, the stability should not be assessed while supping, but rather when standing still. When you stand still on the sup board, it should be stable. If this is not the case, it is not a good sup board for your weight.

Adjusting the sub board /sup board to yourself
Buying a sup board (note: no subboard or sub board!) is quite a step, especially because it is a considerable expense. Sup boards are not cheap. You want to make sure you make the right choice before buying a sup board. You pay special attention to the length, width and depth of the sup board. However, the key to optimal stability on a sup board is up to you. If the board doesn’t fit you and your body weight well, and you don’t adjust the sup paddle to your height, then it is at the expense of stability. Are you going to buy a sup board for the first time? Then let the seller advise you well.

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