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The difference between Italian and American pizzas

Pizzas are widely eaten all over the world. They are in the top ten of most eaten dishes. Food from the Italian kitchen is doing very well everywhere in the world. They are tasty and you have so many different variations you can make by changing the toppings. When Italian immigrants made the transition to the United States in the 19th century, they naturally took Italian cuisine with them. The pizza has also been taken and it has changed quite a bit. You can read about the differences between the two variants in this article.

The original Italian pizza

First we have the original Italian pizza. This is known for the thin base, the fresh tomato sauce and the delicious cheese on it. Often this is mozzarella cheese. These three ingredients make up the base and together they are called pizza Margherita. The pizza is named after the then wife of the Italian king Umberto the first. All kinds of other ingredients can be placed on this pizza to vary. So delicious and that’s how the real and first pizza was really made and created.

The American Pizza

The American pizza crust differs from the Italian one. The first pizzeria in America opened in 1905 and this was in New York. Although the real authentic Italian pizzerias still prepare the pizzas according to an old recipe, the large American companies have changed the pizza a bit. The biggest change is in the bottom of the pizza. It is a lot thicker than the bottom of the original pizza. The edges of the American pizzas are also thick and sometimes have a filling of, for example, cheese. They are also sometimes filled with meat or a hot dog. The American pizzas are very large and you certainly don’t have to go hungry!