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Spring is here

Spring is finally here and the weather is becoming a lot better lately. The temperatures are constantly rising and the sun is shining all day long. When the temperature rises a lot of people get enthusiastic and open up their swimming pools. A lot of people go to swimming pools in the summer because it is a nice way to cool down and relax. Swimming pools are usually very crowded in the hot summer days and that means that a lot of people are jumping into the pool. Hygiene is very important in public swimming pools, when swimming pools get really crowded it is important that the swimming pool is clean. In this article you can read more about how to keep a swimming pool clean.

IT is very important for a swimming pool to stay clean. You can test the hygiene of the water in a swimming pool on the basis of three values; the pH value, the alkalinity and the chorine level. The amount of alkalinity and chlorine are both important for the pH value in a swimming pool. The pH value in a swimming pool has to be around 7. That means the water is neutral. Due to the fact that the water will get dirty because of people swimming, chorine has to be added to keep the water clean. By adding chlorine, the pH value will be lowered. That is why alkalinity is added to the water. The alkalinity and chlorine keep each other in balance.

The water in a swimming pool has to keep moving, stationary water is bad for the quality and hygiene. Therefore the water needs to keep moving around in a swimming pool. A water pump can help the water moving and is, therefore, a very useful machine. You can buy a high quality water pump on Water pumps have different jobs and can also be used for example for lawn irrigation.