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Sell dutch real estate properties via a national initiative possible within days

In the Netherlands a new initiatieve has been started and is rising in the Real Estate markets into the new innovatives selling process for all kind of real estate properties. The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille are formed by several local real estate agencies, renting companies and renovation specialists. They all want properties to transform, renovate, rent or just trade in the whole country.

If you have a house or for example a student house, then you can just sell it to this Dutch firm which will take over the selling process. One of the main advantage is that it takes just some days or a few weeks in order to sell the house or real estate property. And The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille works fully transparent and honesty is the main focus on all communications with cliënts and so on.

And The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille buys all kind of houses, business locations and offices. And wether it is a new or old house, or a house which needs to be modernised or renovated, you can just add your property to the office of The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille  and wait for the value they want to buy it.

The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille exists just a few years, but in 2020 it really started to get bigger and the speed of it’s business process has been updated. So if you are a real estate owner, The Nationale Vastgoedportefeuille can inspect the house within 1 day. And in some cases they can drive immediately, just to speed up the selling process!!