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Self Service Library – Future Tech?

We have all experienced books or movies where the technology seems futuristic, but not too far-fetched. If you told a librarian 20 years ago that we would have self service libraries, I’m sure they would have put it in the far-fetched category. But when you think about it today, it’s one of the most logical steps for a library to take. And the best part is the technology is already in place and working in many of our libraries.

The Many Benefits of a Self Service Library

There are so many benefits to both the library and to the customer, that it is hard to imagine anyone being opposed to the idea. Faster service for borrowing, returning and indexing library items No more accounting errors or categorizing mistakes, and no more hard to read handwriting Staff are free from the mundane jobs of checking items in and out and are free to take a more active role in the library Payment of fines and fees is easier and can be handled online

How to Achieve a Self Service Library?

Dialoc ID’S self service library is an ideal example of what helped turn the idea of a self service library into a reality. Their self service products give flexibility and reliability to libraries, helping them move forward and integrating systems like this into their frameworks. They incorporate touch screens and integrated receipt printers, as well as barcode scanners and readers. It makes finding items super-easy, and the speed and ease of use will ensure that both customers and staff will enjoy using the system. They even offer a variety of colours, so the library can keep its current colour scheme.

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