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Purchase onshore and offshore pipeline repair parts

Romacon Petro B.V. is your global supplier of pipeline repair products for onshore and offshore applications. Here, you are always ensured of high-quality products at competitive prices. This international operating supplier is part of United Pipeline Products, a group of companies contributing to pipeline repair products and pipeline accessories in their own way for the oil, water and gas industry, as well as for on- and offshore installations. Therefore, all of their products, like high pressure clamps for pipe repair, are of an outstanding quality.

Save money and time by ordering high-quality repair parts

Order your pipe tight coupling competitively priced at Romacon Petro B.V.. With a pipe tight coupling you connect oil, gas, steam and petrochemical pipelines easily and securely. At Romacon Petro B.V., they offer various pipe fittings, such as the pipe tight coupling. This can be mounted at the pipe ends without any preparations. It operates with two different screw systems radial and axial screws. They align the two pipe ends and press the sealing gaskets together respectively. The coupling can withstand axial forces only while it is anchored to the pipe. When a long-term connection of the pipes is required, the pipe tight coupling must be welded to the line. You will also find repair clamps for high and low pressure pipe systems in its range.

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Do you wish to order pipe repair clamps for high or low pressure systems? If you need further information about pipe fit products for on- or offshore use, such as the pipeline split repair sleeve or clamp, they are happy to give you appropriate advice for your application. You can also call the team of specialists to receive more information about the unique characteristics of the product range or ask for advice based on your specific situation. Receive an obligation-free quotation by filling in the contact form at the website.