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Purchase ecological firestarters for ‘green’ outdoor living and cooking

Do you regularly light your barbecue, stove or fireplace? Then it might be a good idea to start buying ecological firestarters, that are more healthy for both your lungs and those of the planet. When you light fires, harmful toxins are spreading rapidly and cause damage to the environment. Luckily, Fire-Up international has been dedicating itself to the development and production of ecological firestarters, that are manufactured in a sustainable and safe manner, from natural eco-friendly materials. Are you excited to ignite fires in a ‘green manner’? Visit the website and learn more!

The benefits of natural firelighters

The ecological firestarters, developed and manufactured by Fire-Up International, come with a lot of benefits. The firelighters…

  • … are not harmful when stored near food products
  • … are safer, because they are non-explosive
  • … gnite smoothly
  • … burn up for six or twenty minutes
  • … do not lose their firepower or dry out
  • … have no unpleasant smell
  • … are not oily or greasy
  • … come in various sizes and have different features

Natural, environmental friendly and non-toxic

The company has developed an extensive assortment of firelighters that are natural, environmental friendly and non-toxic: all things you need for ‘outdoor living & cooking’. As the company is known for its ‘green’ and ecological mindset, they put a lot of time, effort and energy in improving the quality of their sustainable products as well as looking for new, innovative methods for sustainable production.

Contact the professionals

Are you interested in purchasing ecological firestarters, but would you first like to receive some information on the assortment? Do you have any questions in particular or would you like to receive some professional advice, so you make sure you will buy the right kind of product for your purpose? Please, get in touch with the professionals to learn more. They will happily provide you with all the answers and additional information that you need.