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Promotion on Instagram: Ads from bloggers

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Instagram is a huge social network where everyone strives to stay in the TOP longer and earn more money. And through a myriad of profit-making channels, ads from popular bloggers are taking active promotional positions.

Every day the number of bloggers grows, and as a result the competition is increasing. It seems that the choice is easier: if you like swimwear, go for a blogger with a nice figure. Also, if you represent children’s products, of course, apply for ads in Insta-Mom’s profile. I don’t want to choose!

But among the majority, how can you find a person who agrees to provide you with advertising services fairly, effectively, and at a reasonable cost?

The Instagram advertising world is growing. If before it was enough to turn subscribers and post “Hello, Instamir!”, Now this is not enough. Bloggers who turn their profile into a big market end up with only a segment of picky customers who don’t get the results they want.

The ranking of posts on Instagram also did the trick. Until recently it was possible to post a message at a good time and you received a lot of attention, but now this is no guarantee of success. For a blogger, few have a large number of subscribers – it’s important for the audience to interact and provide feedback.

Experienced Instagram users prefer targeted ads, but one doesn’t interfere with the other.

What are the benefits of advertising for bloggers:

Barter possibility. Barter is the exchange of goods or services. In our case, the customer wins by not spending real money, but returning the product / service. And the blogger gets this product / service and shares his opinion. Barter must, of course, be of equal value.

Public trust. Before ordering ads, it is worth analyzing the blogger and his audience. If he has active readers who are interested in and respect his opinion, they listen to the recommendations. Advertising with a reputable blogger is also an image and recognition.

Choice of costs. This is not to say that blogger advertising is cheap, but competition is thriving. He can always find an advantageous offer.

The choice of the form of cooperation. Advertisements can be placed on profile / stories / joint competitions; the same message can be posted for a day or forever. Not only the price, but also the effectiveness of advertising depends on these facts.

Disadvantages of advertising:

Dead audience. Subscriptions and likes can be canceled as usual. 100,000 blogger subscribers do not guarantee the same number of users coming to your profile. According to statistics, your post will be seen by about 30-40% of the audience. Analyze to not waste money. – The blogger is also a person. People often have mood swings. It’s possible for a blogger to post a message at the wrong time / panic or disappear. Nobody is immune from this.

A large number of profile ads is not good. If a blogger advertises everything in a row, subscribers are unlikely to trust him unconditionally, respectively, they will just pass by your product.

The cost of advertising cannot be attributed to the pluses alone. Although the moment is relative, there are bloggers with price tags of 100,000 euros for every 100,000 subscribers (this is the average price), and it happens that an account with an audience of 80-120,000 and the advertising costs does not exceed 10,000 euros. Who cares what!

How do you find “your” blogger?

The most important thing is to know your target audience. Prepare your profile on the go for the arrival of “guests”. When you order ads from a blogger, you don’t pay for the number of subscribers / orders that came in, you pay for views. The result of advertising depends only on your interesting content and what gets the subscriber’s attention.

When browsing bloggers, focus on his audience – that is, who and what he is writing about. First of all, look for a profile with a similar topic.

Don’t choose a blogger based on the number of subscribers, but based on audience activity. (comments, reactions, likes); There are profiles with a small audience, narrower subjects, but with hectic activity. In this case, the ad works better because the audience appreciates the author.

See how other sponsored posts have responded.

Be a fairly demanding customer. Discuss all the details beforehand: the time and duration of the fast; text and photo for placement.

Blogger advertising is just one way to advertise on Instagram. Now you are armed with information and you are sure to make the right choice!

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