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Lifting responsibly at work

While modern medicine has a lot of answers for any issues revolving your health, you only have one body. This is why it is of the utmost importance to take care of that body. Not everything can be fixed, and if you take care, you will live happier and healthier. Taking care can take many forms. Not only do you need to watch your intakes, including alcoholic beverages and other disputable nutrition, but you also need to make sure you move around enough and responsibly. This includes working out, but also lifting stuff the right way at work. Everybody knows that one sentence.

Lift from your legs, not your back

Life from your legs, not your back. This is one of the biggest things concerning physical work. If you don’t lift from your legs there’s a chance your back will give out or you will get more physical complaints in the future. If you feel your legs are actually rather weak and you knees don’t have that much leeway to lift anything at all, it might be worth it to include some exercises in your daily routine as well. Exercises such as squats can make sure you get those leg muscles ready to take over some work from your back.


When in doubt, forklift your way out. Forklifts are there to get those boxes and pallets that would otherwise break you. Yet, when you have access to a forklift and are not sure if you can lift something, it’s best to choose the easy way. There’s no use in overexerting yourself when you are not sure if you can handle something. This might just result in an injury, and neither you or your boss will want that.

Electric chain hoists – Hitachi hoist

There’s also another option to lift, mostly used in workplaces that have a set area of operations. These are places such as car repair shops where you can use electric chain hoists such as the Hitachi hoist. These electric chain hoists such as the Hitachi hoist make sure you can pull up items to 5 tons, making the heaviest of lifting a breeze. This way you are ensured you work safely and responsibly, not risking anybody’s health.