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Knee supports

Say, you’re recovering from a knee surgery, or injury. This is a huge set back and prevents you from doing your daily activities. When this happens, you want to be able to function normally as soon as possible. Wearing a knee brace can help you with that! But in which situation is it best to wear a knee support? And which knee brace is best to use for which injury? We’ll explain it to you below.


When to buy a knee brace?

Knee complaints are very common. However, there are many different types of complaints when it comes to the knee joint. The most common pain complaints are meniscal problems, cruciate ligament problems, osteoarthritis and instability. We also have different types of braces for different injuries. Below, we will highlight a few for you.


Which knee brace do I need?

As mentioned, there are a lot of different braces for various knee injuries. We have divided our knee braces into three protection levels. Level 1 being basic protection, level 2 is advanced protection and level 3 is the highest protection.


Protection level 1 braces are best used if you experience mild pain complaints like beginning rheumatism, swelling, varicose veins and so-called runners and jumpers knee.


Protection level 2 braces are best used when you have sprained or strained your knee or suffering from bursitis, overuse, moderate osteoarthritis and instability, or when your kneecap has been dislocated.


Protection level 3 braces are best used when you suffer from severe pain complaints in your meniscus, hypermobility, severe instability, severe osteoarthritis, severe overuse, cartilage disorders and severe cruciate ligament disorders.


Protection level 1: Medidu Knee Strap

The Medidu Knee Strap has protection level 1 and is perfect for support for minor complaints like: inflammation of the patellar tendon. Runner’s knee, overuse of the patellar tendon, patellofemoral pain syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Medidu Knee Strap is the best choice when you’re experiencing a stabbing pain below the kneecap. This brace contains anatomically shaped gel pressure points. These pressure points ensure a perfect fit and optimal support, which immediately relieves your pain. Some of the benefits of wearing the Medidu Knee Strap are:

  • The brace will not slide down and always stays in place perfectly, due to the anatomic fit and sturdy Velcro.
  • It is made of highly breathable material making it perfect for sports and everyday use.
  • The Velcro fastens perfect, giving it a long duration.
  • It features anatomically shaped gel pressure points that provide optimal support at all times.
  • Pressure points can be placed below the knee at any desired position by adjusting the Velcro.


The Medidu Knee Strap came out as best in our test of 12 brands. What makes this brace different than other braces is that it is equipped with a gel cushion pad that always provides maximum support to the kneecap (patella) due to its anatomical shape. This keeps the brace in place and makes sure that it will not irritate the skin. The Medidu Knee Strap has the best price/quality ratio and duration. It has been voted the best patella brace out right now by many different specialists. This brace has been worn for many years in many different sports, including cycling, running, but also during work and other everyday activities. Another advantage of this brace is that it is available in one size and therefore always fits.

Protection level 2: Medidu Knee Support Wrap

The Medidu Knee Support Wrap has protection level 2 and is perfectly usable when suffering from moderately heavy instability, weak and overused knees and sprains.

So if you’re looking for a simple knee support with an open backside that gives you the right support and always fits? Then we can best recommend the Medidu Knee Support Wrap! This brace offers support to your knee when it is overused, weakened or unstable and provides support after a sprain or when suffering from moderately heavy osteoarthritis.

You can easily wrap this knee brace around your knee. It has a unique Velcro design, ensuring it will always have the perfect fit. The opening around the kneecap, reduces pressure put on the kneecap and protects it better. Furthermore, this knee brace always stays perfectly in place because of the round neoprene cushion that not only protects the kneecap but also provides perfect support. In addition, the Medidu Knee Support Wrap improves blood circulation and keeps your muscles warm.

Protection level 3: Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support

The Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support has protection level 3 and is perfect for support after having fractured your knee, for severe osteoarthritis and cartilage disorders and severe spraining of the knee joint and cruciate ligament disorders.

The Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support is one of the best and strongest knee supports out right now. For years, specialists and orthopaedists have recommended this knee brace for the abovementioned knee disorders. This knee brace offers maximum support, protection and stability due to its unique and advanced design. The brace is lightweight, breathable and has an optimal fit. This gives the knee joint the maximum support.


Some advantages of the Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support are:


  • It has a patellar pressure point which ensures that the kneecap and patellar tendon receive optimal protection and are held in place.
  • The brace is lightweight because of the hinges made of aluminium.
  • The brace offers maximum support and stability, both sideways and forward.
  • The use of the knee brace promotes blood circulation, which can speed up healing.
  • This brace is one of the most comfortable knee braces out right now due to the Velcro, choice materials and fit.

It is very important to purchase the correct size. It may never feel too tight. For the correct size, we advise you to measure the size of your knee and look at the size chart.

How long should I wear a knee brace?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and unfortunately, one of the most hardest to answer. This depends on several factors, including the type of injury, the amount of stress put on it and your personal situation. Braces are mostly worn for a very long time.

Does a knee brace make my muscles weaker?

Absolutely not. But unfortunately, this statement continues to circulate. Up until 2016, little research had been conducted on the effect braces might have on the strength in your muscles. It was believed that wearing a brace would greatly weaken the muscles. A study published in January 2016 that measured the effect of knee braces on muscle strength. In this study, half of the subjects were asked to wear a brace for 7 hours a day, and the other half of the group didn’t wear it at all. As it turned out, after the six week trial, the group that wore the brace actually had more muscle strength than the group that didn’t wear the brace!

How do I maintain my knee brace?

Regular use of a knee support can eventually lead to the product wearing off. The degree of this wear depends entirely on the frequency of use. It is best to clean the brace regularly with soap and water and let it dry in the open air.

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