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How to use Tamanu oil?

Tamanu vegetable oil, thanks to its thousand virtues, interests more and more cosmetic industries. It benefits from numerous beneficial properties in both aromatherapy and cosmetics. Still known as the “green gold of the Pacific”, this oil from Polynesia is available in various forms on the market. For greater effectiveness, Tamanu oil can be used in a variety of ways. Some techniques and precautions of use are to be respected. Discover in this article our best tips for using Tamanu oil.

The different forms of Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil exists in many forms. First of all, Calophylle oil is extracted from the fruits of the Tamanu tree. It is produced by the “cold pressing” technique. Among the forms of the oil, you can find virgin oil which is 100% natural. It is green in colour and very thick. It is very concentrated in resin. This is surely the reason why the oil leaves a deposit at the bottom of the bottle. It is known that Tamanu oil takes a solid form at low temperature. This obviously does not alter the properties of the oil.

Tamanu oil can also be presented as a balm for ease of use and conservation. Generally, as a balm, Tamanu oil is combined with other vegetable oils such as monoi. It can be combined with ylang-ylang or lavender essential oil. Tamanu balm retains all the properties of the oil. It is of course suitable for face, body and hair. This balm can also be used in case of skin irritation, stretch marks or as after-shave care for men. Tamanu is also available as a cream. Thinner than oil, Tamanu oil-based cream can be used for body and face. It can be used as an anti-aging or moisturizing treatment. Finally, you can find on the market soaps based on Tamanu oil which is used to improve blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

When to use Tamanu oil?

As mentioned above, Tamanu oil is only used in cosmetics, but it can also be used to treat some illnesses. The oil is applied directly to the affected area to reduce scars, heal wounds and reduce irritation. This vegetable oil can be applied directly to the entire body or to the face. Many people also use it as a styling oil or hair mask. To do this, simply apply it directly to the hair. To promote blood circulation, it can be used as a massage oil. Also, Tamanu oil can be used to relieve joint pain or back problems thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. To do this, simply spread it on the affected area before performing a massage.

Precautions for use

Tamanu oil should only be applied externally, directly to the skin. Avoid swallowing it. It can be used pure, but you can dilute it with another vegetable or essential oil. However, this oil contains powerful active ingredients. Its use is to be used with care. Avoid contact of the oil with the eyes. If your eyes are touched, rinse thoroughly with clear water. Also, for pregnant women, Tamanu oil should be combined with another light oil such as sweet almond oil.

For more effectiveness, it is highly recommended to use an all-natural oil. On our site, you can find Mahana Calophyllum oil which is 100ù pure, natural and virgin. This oil retains all the renowned benefits of the oil. With no additives, preservatives or perfumes, Mahana Tamanu Oil remains by far very effective for skin care and pain relief.

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