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Hot air balloon flight over Brussels

Brussels is one of the most fantastic cities in Belgium. You notice that when you walk through the streets. Do you want to enjoy Brussels? Then book a hot air balloon flight over Brussels. This way you can enjoy the view to the fullest, discover many hidden spots and gems and get to know the city even better. Certainly if the pilot who guides your hot air balloon flight above Brussels on the right track, also turns out to know the city through and through.

Balloon rides over Brussels

C-Air organizes hot air balloon flights over Brussels since many years. It is by no means the only region that you can discover with these specialists, but it is one of the showpieces. When you say Brussels, you may immediately think of the historic center, but a balloon flight above Brussels can also allow you to discover a completely different part of Belgium.

Many reasons for a hot air balloon flight

Who are the people who choose a balloon flight in Brussels? Well, that’s very different. Couples looking for romance, families with the kids, a man who has an original marriage proposal in store, photographers and companies who want to give their clients or employees or clients a unique experience. All these customers enjoy a balloon flight in Brussels.

Balloon flights in complete safety

A balloon flight over Brussels takes about an hour, but there is a lot more to it. You can also help to set up the balloon and learn a lot about how a hot air balloon functions. You also pick up the safety instructions before you take off with your hot air balloon flight. During the flight you will be short of eyes and you will enjoy a great feeling. After the flight it is time for a snack and a drink and there is time to talk. By the way, at C-Air they also provide a certificate that you receive and can hang on the wall. A nice souvenir of your hot air balloon flight in Brussels.

An unforgettable balloon flight over Belgium

Are you looking for the perfect partner for a balloon flight in Brussels, then you are safe with C-Air. They have been operating for years, have experienced pilots and place safety first. Every year they take care of many flights that, time after time, are quite an experience. Be sure to check out the site of this specialist in balloon flights and pick the region that you prefer. Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent or something else: everything is possible.