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High quality flue dampers able to withstand extreme temperatures

If you require new industrial dampers for you boiler, look no further. Hoogenboom Valves offers flue dampers that deliver optimal performance for your boiler system and the guarantee they will last a long time. The company has over thirty years of experience with designing and producing numerous types of industrial damper valves. Nowadays, they have customers from all over the world who enjoy their high-quality work at competitive prices. The boiler flue dampers are perfectly able to withstand high temperatures and tough conditions. In their product range you can even find damper valves that are able to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius! If you want the guarantee of high-quality boiler flue dampers, you get your dampers at Hoogenboom Valves.

High-end 3D software

No matter which damper you need for your industrial boiler, they will deliver custom work. High-end 3D software is used for the design and manufacture of any flue damper type. Whichever damper you need for your industrial boiler, depends on the type, but also on the situation and environment in which it is used. The dampers are made of different types of materials, such as stainless steel to a variety of different alloys. Besides that, they offers several types, such as butterfly damper valves, blocking air damper valves, bypass or diverter damper valves, but they can also provide special dampers. The flue dampers are custom built, from stock and offered in competitive prices without diminishing the quality of the work.

Get involved in every step

Hoogenboom Valves believes in the importance to involve you in every step, something few industrial dampers manufacturers do. By involving their clients every step of the way, they can adapt to your needs and make use of your own expert insights. Because of this, they are able to design innovative industrial dampers that fit like a glove in your systems. Curious about what is possible for your systems? Get in touch with Hoogenboom Valves and ask for more information about the flue dampers.

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