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Glamping in Belgium

Dutch people who fancy a nice vacation, but don’t feel like flying for hours, have known how to find Belgium for years. The country is nice and close, but you are really abroad.

The fries taste better, the chocolate is world famous and the beer is really special. When you eat out in Belgium, you should have high expectations. Belgians love the Burgundian lifestyle and you can tell by the quality and taste of almost everything you are served.

Besides culinary highlights, Belgium offers much more. Beautiful cities, think of Antwerp, Bruges and Bruges, where modern architecture and a rich history have found each other. But also the Ardennes, with its overwhelming forests and rugged rock formations. Here it is great hiking or cycling. Looking for more adventure? Then go rock climbing, canoeing or mountain biking.

A visit to the Han caves is also high on the list!

Glamping? What is that?
On we offer you a huge range of accommodations that will make your vacation or short break in Belgium a party. But perhaps you are now asking yourself what glamping actually is. With glamping you stay in a luxuriously furnished safari tent, a lodge, a vacation home or even a tree house. Your accommodation is usually at a campground or vacation park. But don’t let that fool you. All accommodations on our site are at least as complete and comfortable as a “traditional” cottage.

Visit and discover for yourself the pleasure of glamping in Belgium.