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Fantastic Things in Las Palmas, You Should Not Miss To Do In Your Vacation

Las Palmas, also known as the province of Los Palmas, is the dazzling and fabulous Gran Canaria Island, which has so much to offer its visitors. Located off the coast of Northwestern Africa, it is a part of Spain. It is famous for landscapes, beaches, cuisines and fun activities.

Do you need a car during your stay on Gran Canaria? There are many options for transportation on the island like bus, taxi rental car etc. If you planing to rent a car, easiest is to pick it up on the the airport. You can check different companies at You can also take the bus or a taxi to Las Palmas and rent the car in the city. But there are more options at at the airport compared to the city. As so many attractions and destinations are there to explore, and one cannot visit all of them. Those who are planning to visit this place must be aware that which places are worth visiting instead of wasting time and energy. In this guide, we are going to mention the top fantastic things to do here to save your time and to make your trip memorable more than you think!

Gran Canarian village

Canarian village is the top sites to visit during your visit to Las Palmas as it depicts the auspicious culture and tradition, mixing it well with the modern Spanish culture. Located in the heart of Las Palmas, this place offers the best activities to the visitors and much to explore. The live performances of Canarian folk music can be enjoyed from the comfortable sitting areas, which is a source of much amusement and delight transforming you into a world of imagination. Because of too many visitors, you need to reserve a seat early; otherwise, you may miss the chance. Here you will also be able to see the city’s most extensive art gallery, Museo Nestor.

Enjoy Beach Time

Enjoying the beach life either in day or night is crucial element during your visit to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as so many promising beaches are there where you can enjoy the best beach walks on the soft, golden sand while viewing the deep ocean. EI Confital is the most famous and fantastic beach to spend a day with your loved ones. The main attraction of this beach is surfing with world championships held here where the professional surfers from different places take part. The fun water activities, bathing options and saltwater pools offer excellent beach experience.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Visit

In Plaza Cairasco there are numerous eating options with porches. Locate the lively climate in spots are must visiting and extraordinary place to explore incredible memories. You will be able to find a greater amount of the best fashionable person joints here. Put in two or three hours perusing the best shops in Las Palmas.

Visit Parks in the city

Discovering park life is a crucial part of your visit to Las Palmas as it is an island of beautiful landscapes and flowers. You can arrange the best day out picnic with your family or loved ones to enjoy the romantic strolls while so many parks are there from which you can choose any to go to explore the beauty of nature while surrounded by the fresh, green and peaceful atmosphere.

Look at the Local History

When you visit any place, it is good to explore not only the entertainment places but also some of the historical sites to know about the culture, traditions and past of that place. Vegueta is one of the top places to visit in Las Palmas where the 10 old religious buildings are combined, and many wonderful items are placed which automatically catch the attention of everyone while taking them into the history of this town. The footsteps of Christopher Columbus at Casa de Colón also have a great appeal while the art galleries, including the CAAM and Centro de Cultura Contemporanea San Martin, offer high chances to spend a good day.