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False alarm when magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing has become very popular in recent years. Fishing is done with a powerful fishing magnet that you use to look for metal objects in the water.

Renzo, Travis, Ramon and Chiel fished in the Grolse Canal on Tuesday July 21st. They fished with a rope and a magnet attached to it that can hold a certain number of kilos. One of the boys said he had a magnet that could lift up to 450 pounds.

The boys fished behind the ‘t Ravelijn building on the Houtwal and got a bite. They picked it up and saw a suspicious four-inch round piece of iron. The rusted object was thinner in the front. They didn’t fully trust him and slowly left him in the canal while the object was still attached to the magnet.

Immediately one of the boys called the police who had a series of questions and they were transferred to the Explosives Disposal Service (EOD). He sent someone to investigate the found object. At first he couldn’t bring the item home and took photos to show his colleagues. After calling and looking at the photos, it was concluded that it was not an explosive. When asked how the guys reacted, it might be brief to explore EOD. “They did well by leaving the object in the water. We’d rather have called again and that it was a false positive than that there really is something and there hasn’t been a call. “

The boys were allowed to keep the object they found. “We want to keep it and put it in the hut,” they said

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