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Building a Van: Where to start?

Building a motorhome is easier than you think. In 2021 there have never been so many self-build campers built. A new record. People are increasingly seeing the benefits of traveling with a self-built camper. It’s cheap, relatively environmentally conscious, and you can get almost anywhere with it.

But where do you start? Building a motorhome ultimately starts with choosing a suitable bus for your motorhome. Make a wish list with all the things you would like to have in a camper. Then get started with selecting a suitable bus for your motorhome. Popular vans for a motorhome include a Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter and a Renault Master.

Once you have bought your bus you will start with all the bodywork. This includes installing extra windows, electricity, water connections, but also, for example, a lifting roof and a gas connection. You want to do this in advance because you will then start insulating your motorhome. And once that’s done, it’s harder to get to afterwards.

Insulation is done with Armaflex. These are self-adhesive insulation rolls that you can easily apply to the metal of the motorhome. After insulating your camper, you can start with the woodwork. It is best to use large plywood sheets that you hammer against the side walls of the motorhome.

You also use a thick plywood plate of about 12 mm for the bottom of the motorhome. You can then attach all furniture to it. Such as cabinets, kitchen, bed and tables. That way you can fix everything firmly and safely. Then you start finishing the camper. Think of decoration, the application of felt, but also paints and other searches such as revolving camper seats.

Do you want to know more about building a motorhome? Then visit the website of the camper construction experts from by NOMADS. They have written several blogs, videos and ebooks that you can download for free from their website.