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Ban on flavored e-cigarettes: ‘Unfortunately then I really have to stop’

Evelyn is disappointed. When the flavors for e-cigarettes are banned, she will really have to stop altogether. She’s not alone. More smokers of e-cigarettes regret that flavors are being banned and have started a petition against this measure.

Evelien van Diermen has stopped smoking cigarettes because of a flavored e-cigarette. “I’ve smoked since I was fourteen and I’m now in my fifties. I wanted to stop for a long time but I couldn’t because I always had that craving for nicotine,” she tells Editie NL. “When I discovered the watermelon flavored e-cigarette I switched and I still smoke it.”

‘Unfortunately stop’

Evelien is disappointed that the flavors are going to disappear. “The only taste that remains is that of tobacco and I really don’t like it. It can’t be compared to real tobacco either.” Yet there is a positive side to the story because if the ban comes, Evelien will not switch to something else. The best e liquids of ecigmarketxl is found online. “I’m going to buy my taste first and when it’s gone I will unfortunately really have to stop.”

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Consumer organization Active for Vapors (Acvoda) has started a petition together with the Esigbond against the ban. According to the organizations, the ban will only backfire. “The only flavor that can still be used in the future is the tobacco flavour. But if you want to stop smoking, that’s a bad idea,” says Emil ‘t Hart of the Esigbond. “Precisely because of the flavours, four hundred thousand smokers have switched from cigarettes to an e-cigarette.”

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According to Emil ‘t Hart, just like Evelien, four hundred thousand people have quit cigarettes in this way. But Eshter Croes of the Trimbos Institute does not believe that. “I don’t know what they based it on, but it seems very strong to me,” she tells Editie NL.

Regular methods

“The fact that flavored e-cigarettes are a means to quit smoking only applies to a small group of people. The majority of people who quit smoking do so with the regular methods. For example, through coaching.”

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In addition, according to the Trimbos Institute, it has also been proven that the flavors in e-cigarettes can encourage young people to smoke. e cigarette store ecigmarketxl.comhas enough information. “It’s kind of an initial phase. We’re now working on creating a smoke-free generation and the e-cigarette isn’t helping. That’s actually our biggest problem with the flavors.”

Bad for industry

‘t Hart thinks that the e-cigarette does not contribute to this. “E-cigarettes are already banned for young people under the age of eighteen, so making young people smoke because of this is not right. In addition, the ban on flavors is also bad for our industry.”