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Are you unwanted pregnant?

If you have an unwanted pregnancy, you can choose abortion. In the Netherlands, abortion is a legal medical procedure chosen by women if they have an unwanted pregnancy. However, not all countries have the same legislation regarding abortion and some women therefore come to the Netherlands to terminate their pregnancy.

Support from medical professionals

It is important to stress that abortion is a personal choice and that women have the right to make this choice. It is important that women have the right information and resources to make an informed decision about their pregnancy. In the Netherlands, there is a wide range of medical professionals and organisations that support and guide women in making this choice.


It is understandable that women want to remain anonymous, which is why in the Netherlands there is the option of undergoing the procedure anonymously, for example in an abortion clinic. This means that their personal details are not shared with others unless there is a legal obligation to do so. When treated in hospital, there is no anonymity.

Foreign women to Dutch abortion clinic

Abortion Clinic Amsterdam and Abortion Clinic Haarlem receive women from the Netherlands and abroad. Many women come to the Netherlands from abroad because the abortion laws in their home countries do not offer them the freedom of choice they want. Some countries have very strict abortion laws, forcing women to carry their pregnancies to term.

More information on abortion

You can visit the clinic up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. If you live in the Netherlands, treatment is usually free. This also applies to the abortion pill. Are you coming from abroad to the Netherlands for an abortion? Then you will have to pay for the treatment yourself. You can ask for the exact cost by phone. It is very important that women who come for an abortion are treated with due care and respect. They should feel safe and trust the medical professionals treating them. Do you have questions about treatment? Don’t hesitate to call us.