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Appropriate health insurance flex migrant

When people from abroad come to work in the Netherlands, they are called flex migrants. Living and working in another country brings along many changes and regulations. For instance, it is important to take out health insurance when you stay in the Netherlands for more than three months. Health insurance is compulsory for everyone who lives here, even if you already have health insurance in your country of origin. As a foreigner, your requirements for health insurance differ from those of a permanent resident of the Netherlands. That is why HollandZorg offers a special health insurance for flex migrants.

Health insurance in the Netherlands and abroad

HollandZorg is a health insurer for flex migrants. This means that we take into account your situation as a foreign employee. If you are staying in the Netherlands temporarily, it is convenient if you can take out and cancel your health insurance quickly. If you plan to return to the Netherlands, you can temporarily stop taking out your healthcare insurance with HollandZorg. When you return, your Dutch health insurance can be reactivated. That is very convenient.

HollandZorg EHIC card

You also receive your digital EHIC card. This stands for European Health Insurance Card. With it, you are covered for necessary care when you are in another European country. The reimbursement you will receive for certain care differs per country. Also, you cannot automatically go to every care provider. In such a situation, we will be happy to help you find a suitable care provider in the country where you are. Do you have any questions about our health insurance? Then you can always contact us.