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5 exercises to prevent ankle injuries

An ankle injury or ankle complaints are very common, regardless of your age or sports practiced. A painful ankle can occur as a result of an accident or overuse. Of course you want nothing more than to prevent or remedy this problem. Below are some exercises that will improve the stability of your ankle. If you practice these exercises every day, you will experience rapid improvement.

Exercise 1

The first exercise is very simple. Stand on one leg. Doing this regularly will train the stability of your ankle. Keep your knee slightly bent for an even better result. Alternate with your legs.

Exercise 2

The second exercise is an extension of exercise 1. Stand on one leg and perform so-called double tasks. Think of throwing a ball against the wall, or simply moving the other leg. The exercise is weighted in this way and thus the stability is further improved.

Exercise 3

For strong and stable ankles, it is also important that you train your calf muscles. They play an important role in stabilizing the ankle. You can easily train your calf muscles with a pedal exercise. Stand on the bottom step of a flight of stairs. Hold the banister, lower your heels, and then push back onto your forefoot, pushing the heel up. This is a very good exercise to train the calf muscles. Do this 15 times and then rest for 1 minute. Then repeat this two more times. Then switch to your other leg.

Exercise 4

You can train your calves (and thus the stability of your ankles) in a very simple way by walking on your toes. Doing this occasionally trains the calf muscles. This will make your ankles stronger and more stable. Simple right?

Exercise 5

Finally, you can squat on 1 leg. A squat is nothing more than bending your knee. Performing the 1 leg squat makes the ankle firmer because it has to keep the knee and leg stable. Do a set of 10 squats, then take a 1 minute break, and repeat two more times. Then continue with the other leg.

These exercises are a great way to increase the stability of your ankles. If you still experience complaints after doing these exercises then we have a wide range of ankle supports available for you.